Why We Are Different

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice of increasing your search engine visibility organically using non-paid methods to appear higher on results for a specific term. We believe that in order to increase search engine rankings, its not enough just to create a SEO friendly website.

We use advanced algorithms to help your website rank faster and higher in search engines then anyone else. We use both creative and technical tactics to rank your website and we only do it manually.

We have helped many businesses succeed and increase their revenue dramatically with SEO in New York.

Why Choose NYC SEO

Our Expertise

We have years of experience in New York SEO, and are constantly improving and changing our tactics as Google updates their search engine rankings.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Increase your ROI with our SEO services. On average businesses increase their revenue stream by 300%. If you are not increasing your revenue, your competition is increasing theirs.

Monthly Reports

It is important to keep track of your goal and objectives, that’s why we send our a report at the end of every month illustrating your progress towards your goal and room for improvement.

NYC Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Process

In order for major search engines to start ranking a website, we have to prove to them that this website has the most relevant information for the entered search term.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Before ranking ANY keyword, we must research and identify the keywords that can be ranked the fastest and have enough monthly user searches in New York.

Implementation and Optimization

Implementing the researched keywords and optimizing the website for search engine bots to crawl is one of the most important steps in SEO process.

Backlink Building

We build large amount of quality of links to your website from high authoritative websites and blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays a big part in SEO and ranking your website organically on major search engines. It is also very effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook is a great platform in promoting your brand or a local business. We are able to utilize it and get maximum exposure with 99% less the cost others pay.

Google Plus has a lot of weight in measuring your ranking when it comes to Google search results. Another must for any website trying to increase their ranking.

Twitter mentions have a large impact on your search engine rankings. In fact, it counts towards backlinks on your website.

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Web Design and Development

Along with our SEO services, we offer our Web Design and Development services to our prominent clients. We have an eye for design when it comes to webpages and we have extensive experience creating wide range of different websites. We create all of our designs in house and do not outsource like other firms in NYC.

See how we can help you create a new website or revamp an existing website for your brand or business.

Responsive Designs

All of our websites are responsive, which means they are capable to be viewed on any device and still preserve the rich look and feel.

Eccommerce Solutions

We create unique and advanced online shopping websites and integrating payment services such as PayPal.

Content Management System

We create all of our websites on CMS platform which allows owners to manage the website without modifying any code.

Monthly SEO Reports

Every month our clients receive a comprehensive report. The monthly SEO report consists of monthly ranking of your target keywords. Along with illustration on meeting your overall goals and objectives set for the particular campaign, and finally your recommendation and tips in New York.

Monthly Report also displays competition analysis, where we display how you are ranking against your competition.

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